Opioid Addiction Community Information Event

Sunday, May 20 at 3 pm -  THE SUMMIT

Understand how Opioid Use Disorder develops and what the effective treatments are that support recovery and save lives.  The event will include a +/- 20-minute presentation by Caleb Banta-Green on the progression from the first time a person tries opioids to full IV heroin usage and addiction.  Caleb Banta-Green described the discussion as “Opioid Addiction 101”.  The presentation will be followed by a Q & A session with a panel of experts.


Caleb Banta-Green, University of Washington
Jeff Sakuma, City of Seattle
Brad Finegood, King County
Charles Alford, Union Gospel Mission’s Bridge Program
Jerry Mitchell, Union Gospel Mission, in Recovery
Representative, Seattle Fire Department

This is a free event.  All are welcome!