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Videos of Julfest 2014

First Covenant Youth Choir

QUINTET: Glory of the Father

HYMN: Bereden väg för Herren

Sankta Lucia Pageant

Audio Recordings of Julfest Service, 2014

Part One includes the Prelude by the String Band, the Choir singing Sanctus and the Pastoral welcome.

Part Two includes the Choir singing Hosianna, David's Son, the call to worship and the lords prayer, the Choir and String band playing Gloria med Laudamus the scripture reading from Isaiah 9:2-7,  congregational hymn, Vär hälsad, sköna morgonstund the Youth Choir performing Goder afton, Nu är set Jul igen, Tre pepparkaksgubbar, and Nu ha vi ljus här vårt hus, the Choir and Stringband playing Agnus Dei, a reading from Isaiah 40:3-5, and the hymn, Bereden väg för Herren.

Part Three includes the Offertory organ piece, Bereden väg för Herren, played by Tim Beggs,  Cheryl Knudsen and Ann Scranton singing a duet, Herdarna spell för barnet Jesu, and a scripture reading from John: 1:9-14. Next is a quintet, consisting of Cheryl Knudsen, Mary Westburg, Linda Carlson, Tom LaPaze, and Rich Puffert, singing Glory of the Father, and finally the homily by Rev Paul Corner.

Part Four includes the hymn, Gå Sion, followed by the Sankta Lucia Procession, which starts with a reading by Jackson Whitaker, then the Women's Choir singing Det står eft ljus i österland, a lesson reading by Colby Tupac (Isaiah 60:1-3). Next is the Lucia Processional, with Marj Smedberg and Cheryl Knudsen singing Sankta Lucia duet, Eden Williams singing Nu tändas tusen juleljus, a reading by Daniel Sundholm from Matthew 5:14-16 and the Lucia recessional, during which the Choir sings Lyssna, lyssna: hör du änglasången. Next is a lesson reading of Luke 2:8-20 by Linda Carlson, congregational hymn Ära care Gud i höjd, benediction and organ postlude, Var hälsad, sköna morgonstund.